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International Trade and Investments

We provide professional advice with a team of different specialists to promote solutions
to our clients in a personalized way.
We have Contacts in the Wide World with Entities that are strategic allies with whom
we maximize results to those who provide our services.


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Energy and Business

The sector focuses on the energy industry and the implementation of projects in general. We integrate international standards with economics, engineering and financial analysis for resource management and business planning of projects or direct investments in projects.


Petroleum, its derivatives, Metals prices and others

We provide advisory services, commercial support and business development in the commodity market in cooperation with international strategic allies, and we are ready to provide all products to our customers in following areas:
A / Oil, gas and petroleum derivatives
B / Copper and all kinds of iron
C/Gold and diamonds
D/Medical and preventive supplies


Foodstuff; Cereals, Animal Protein and by-products

We develop business and trading of
foodstuff; basic products such as cereals and grains or by-products and specialties. We offer bovine animal protein, chicken, lamb and their derivatives. We provide commercial alternatives for each client, according to their needs, future markets and options; since we are linked to  important supplier firms in the world.


Projects, investments and financing Solutions

Providing financing and implementation solutions for private and government projects. With our legal capacity, in cooperation with several international financing companies and investment funds, we provide all financing solutions, banking facilities and innovative financing programs

International Business 

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